ALL CGC > CGG Convert is finalized, CGC will no longer earn CGG until the next DAO Vote. There are no more active reward sessions for CG RPG.
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The ultimate ZomBunny survival game

Deep in Buntopia, generally a place of fluffy haircuts and designer bunbags, a plague has broken out. As one of the last surviving Buns, you must endure endless waves of increasingly voracious ZomBunny assaults. Here, Buns vie for the Top of the Hops to become the best badass bunny out there!

Stop the Zombies

Solo Slayer

Solo Slayer is for those serious badass bunnies ready to take on the ultimate hare-raising adventure. Stop these Zombunnies with nothing but a trusty gun by your side. Scour the haunted house for weapons and endurance that will help you fight these fiends and get all the FUR and Glory of being top of the leaderboard. How long can you survive?

Stop the Zombies

Multi Slayer Mode

Join a colony of other Bunnies to destroy these agents of mayhem with coordinated attacks and unfriendly fire. Together with your Bun-friends, your mission will be to eliminate and survive the onslaught of maggot-infested furocious furballs and stop them in their tracks. The longer you survive, the more chance you will have to hop to the top of the leaderboard in the ultimate battle of the BunBuns.

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What is ChainGunnies?

ChainGunnies combines engaging FPS survival mode gameplay with blockchain technologies. Fight off hordes of ZomBunnies to save Buntopia from being overtaken by the ZomBunny plague.

Presently, ownership of either ChainBunnies or ZomBunnies digital assets are required to access the game.

Additional game modes and an exclusive weapon drop are only available to owners of ZomBunnies.

With every wave, ZomBunnies grow in numbers and durability - increase your chances of survival by using your in-game points to purchase weapons, weapon upgrades and perks; unlock rooms across the map for additional escape routes.

Players are encouraged to participate in the $CGG community DAO to help shape the future direction of ChainGunnies gameplay experiences.

  • Join the community
  • Battle the ZomBunnies to save Buntopia
  • Participate in tournaments for exclusive rewards
  • Access single-player mode with ChainBunnies collectibles
  • Participate in tournaments for rewards and perks
  • Own rare ChainBunnies for additional in-game stat bonuses
  • Enable battle royale & multiplayer modes with ZomBunnies ownership