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Liquidity Pool Addition on SushiSwap

ChainGuardians is thrilled to unveil an exciting new opportunity open to holders of $CGG. Holders of $CGG will soon be able to earn $Sushi and cTokens that may be redeemed for the ChainGuardians Sushi-themed Blockchain Superhero, Sushi Chef Kairi!

My Balance0
Max Supply3000
Price100 cSUSHI

About the Liquidity Pools on SushiSwap

As a way of concentrating $CGG liquidity to enable more advantageous AMM swaps, ChainGuardians will migrate the majority of DEX liquidity to SushiSwap. This will establish SushiSwap as the go-to exchange for $CGG swaps on available chains.

To encourage community participation in providing liquidity, liquidity providers through either SushiSwap or Merkl will earn $SUSHI as well as cTokens that may be redeemed for the new ChainGuardians Blockchain Superhero representing Sushi, Sushi Chef Kairi.

CGG/USDC: 30% (90k) Of The 300k CToken Supply 3k NFTs

CGG/MATIC: 30% (90k) Of The 300k CToken Supply 3k NFTs

MATIC/USDC: 20% (60k) Of The 300k CToken Supply 3k NFTs

There will also be a 5% supply for internal stakers on

Sushi Sensei Enters the Battle

A new defender of decentralisation has joined the ranks of ChainGuardians' Blockchain SuperheroesTM - introducing Sushi Chef Kairi! As the elite sushi sensei of SushiSwap, Kairi brings his culinary mastery into the ChainGuardians Metaverse's raging battle against centralisation.

Earn Exclusive Sushi Chef Kairi NFT Rewards

For a limited time, liquidity providers on SushiSwap can earn SUSHI rewards and redeemable Kairi tokens (cSUSHI). These tokens can be exchanged on the ChainGuardians platform for the exclusive Sushi Chef Kairi NFT featuring characteristics like:

  • Upgradable art through various rarity tiers
  • Hashrate for use in NFT mining
  • Future integration into the ChainGuardians gaming metaverse