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Welcome to ChainArena: A WEB3 Idle Game

ChainGuardians are pleased to present ChainArena - an idle role-playing mobile game! Download the game here and join us in glorious battle.

ChainArena Character Cards - Digital Collectables.

ChainArena is a free to play game where you can choose to utilise the in-game quest characters, or you can purchase character card packs which will grant you a hefty 30% stats boost. Defenders of the ChainGuardians Metaverse will have the opportunity to use a selection of ChainGuardians characters to play ChainArena.

Owners of Bitsee, Seth, Lolita, Dasha and Captain Devex will be able to battle it out inside the ChainArena underworld.

  • Own a ChainGuardians VIP Card
  • Download the game and register to play
  • Have 1000 CGG in your wallet

You will then be airdropped a ChainArena digital collectable in the form of a character card. This will - provide you with an Aurified Badge that will activate a 30% stats boost to your character.

Check out the Characters

Limited edition character cards are available individually or in a pack of six legendary heroes. Buying the pack will also activate an Aurified Badge and the 30% stats boost.

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What is ChainArena?
ChainArena is an idle role-playing game which showcases a world of cross-gameplay experiences and enables players to utilise their ChainGuardians characters.
How can we access ChainArena Character Cards?
Who are the team behind the project?

Bonding Curve

Remember: this is a race to the top! The game operates on a first-come-first-served basis. Make sure you don't miss out. All characters start at level D and then can progress through: C, B, A, S, SS, SSS, and R. The first 50 Free2Play characters to progress to level B will be able to claim their warrior card upgrade. Once these digital assets are redeemed, the subsequent 100 users will need to get to level A to claim digital assets.

ChainArena Bonding Curve