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Guardians Phygital

A New Era Of Fashion

ChainGuardians showcased a Phygital Meta Street Wear collection at both New York Fashion Week and Token2049. Inspired by ChainGuardians blockchain superheroes, this collection features virtual immersion technology that allows you to wear the clothing in the real world and on an avatar in the Metaverse. Meanwhile, users can experience a vast array of utilities and experiences each item of clothing offers via digital collectibles.

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Get ready for the ultimate fusion of fashion and technology with these collectible smart wearables! Operating via NFC technology, these unique pieces of clothing have been infused with utility - allowing them to be worn both in the real world and in the digital world. These collectibles also grant you special utilities in the Metaverse - giving you access to exclusive experiences and opportunities. Imagine being able to unlock hidden features and bonuses simply by wearing your favorite piece of clothing.

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Have you received a unique limited edition #phygital item from our Meta Street Wear Collection? These collectibles have been infused with a digital collectible which is redeemed by tapping the NFC chips attached to the sleeves. This means the clothing can be donned both physically and digitally!