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Zombunnies is a digital collection project with a twist - based on our original ChainBunnies project; you can now burn two ChainBunnies to create one ZomBunny.


ZomBunny Utility

Check out some of the awesome Zombies that have been generated so far

🔨NFT Mining

The Zombunnies are part of the mining platform - use their hashrate to help you mine rewards.

🚀 BoostScore

Owning a ZomBunny will increase your BoostScore - which will help you earn contribution opportunities on the ChainBoost platform.

🐰 Rarities

Mint a ZomBunny and you'll be able to see the rarity on the Zombunnies website, and on other marketplaces.

🎮 ChainGunnies

Extra weapons and early access to the co-op and Battle Royale modes are not yet available to ChainBunnies holders.

👚👕 ChainGuardians Metaverse / DAO

Creation of a ChainBunnies x Zombunnies ChainGuardians Metaverse SUB-DAO to govern a Buntopian Estate!

Meet some of the Zombz

Check out some of the awesome Zombies that have been generated so far


Over 1.2M Combinations

Each ZomBunny is unique, with over 1.2M possible combinations - you can be sure that your ZomBunny is one of a kind! They also have their own unique names too.