ALL CGC > CGG Convert is finalized, CGC will no longer earn CGG until the next DAO Vote. There are no more active reward sessions for CG RPG.
NFTs staked for rewards

Stake Assets to Earn Rewards

With the mining platform, you can put your digital assets to work and earn rewards that will make other Guardians envy you! Stake your assets and start mining for valuable resources. But be warned: the stakes are high and the competition is fierce.

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What is a
Mining Hashrate?

Mining is similar to staking in its purpose - to reward gamers and collectors for their loyalty in holding an asset. The difference here is that mining is tailored towards rewarding digital asset holders, rather than token holders as is the case with the staking platform.

Within the ChainGuardians ecosystem, every digital collectible has a hash-rate - this is the amount of power your asset has to mine. The higher the hash-rate; the more blocks you will be able to win. Winning blocks will reward you with tokens which can be utilised within the staking platform, such as $CGG, $POW or $cTokens.

Steps to Mining

01Each Guardian or asset has their own unique hash-rate affected by their rarity
02Assets from partner projects also have an assigned hash-rate
03You will form a team with your assets and the team's collective hash-rate will determine your probability of winning a block
04You can join a mining pool (combine with other teams) to improve your chances of winning blocks and sharing the spoils

How Mining Works?

Purchasing ChainGuardians' assets, or partner assets, will provide you a 'hash-rate', which is used to mine. You must form a team of miners (assets) in order to compete with other teams and win blocks. Top tip: rarer assets will give you a higher hash-rate and more chance to win blocks - ChainGuardians' assets are always amongst the most rare!

Mining Pools

The Benefits of Mining

When you stake your assets you can gain rewards across the ecosystem. By joining a mining pool you can increase your hash-rate to combine with other members and gain a share of the rewards.

Mining Pools