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Uta NakanoUta Nakano
Uta NakanoNightingale

Uta, a young woman burdened by her destiny, must rise as the Nightingale to defend her village from the brutal forces of the tyrannical Shihulin. Armed with her singing voice and the power of the OAS, Uta sets out on a quest for vengeance and redemption, determined to protect her people and reclaim her shattered world. As she battles against overwhelming odds and the demons of her past, Uta discovers the true meaning of sacrifice and the depth of her own strength.

Uta NakanoUta Nakano
Uta Nakano

Uta peered out from behind the wagon, tears filling her eyes. Shihulin appeared to her as a demonic shadow looming over the village, his back to the sun, and its harsh rays cascading over his twisted spines and undulating wings.

His voice rose above the crackling wood, screaming infants and wailing mothers. ‘Submit or die.’

Uta watched in horror as Shihulin’s troops, the Red Enforcers, wrenched children away from their parents, kicked down doors, and slaughtered any who attempted to flee.

The piercing screams of the villagers echoed through the streets as they begged for mercy, their pleas falling on deaf ears of the merciless Enforcers. Uta was struck with an overwhelming sense of helplessness as she heard each cry, unable to do anything but silently pray...