ALL CGC > CGG Convert is finalized, CGC will no longer earn CGG until the next DAO Vote. There are no more active reward sessions for CG RPG.
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ChainVerse offers you new ways to manage your digital collectibles and transact in user friendly ways!

Elevate your gaming experience with ChainGuardians' new private chain, ChainVerse! Built on Oasys blockchain, ChainVerse offers fast, secure and seamless online experiences. Offering users the opportunity to truly own their assets and use them across multiple gaming experiences (and chains).

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Connect to Chain Verse

You can connect your MetaMask account to ChainVerse using the button below - this will automatically add and switch to the ChainVerse Network. If you have yet to learn about Metamask - you can find our more here.


What is ChainVerse?

ChainVerse is a next-generation blockchain gaming platform that offers seamless online experiences with verifiable ownership. Users will benefit from the easy 'bridging' of in-game assets across multiple chains and ultra-fast transactions. With ChainVerse’s unique approach to interoperability, ChainGuardians is paving the way for cooperation with other leading blockchain gaming projects and IPs.

Why Chain Verse?

To provide cutting-edge, unique, and immersive web3 experiences with the aim of promoting widespread adoption of blockchain gaming to a wider audience.

Why Oasys?

ChainGuardians and Oasys have a shared vision of enabling mass adoption of blockchain gaming through imaginative and innovative games that prioritise the gaming experience. Oasys solves mane of the problems gamers face when playing blockchain games, by offering a state of the art user experience with fast transactions and zero gas fees.

Community Benefits

  • Provides a strong ecosystem -especially for GameFi and DeFi
  • Founded by specialists of the blockchain Gaming industry
  • Scaling with Verse (Layer 2) specifically designed for Games
  • Low gas fees and high scam resistance
+ Much More
For GamersFor Game DevelopersFor IP Holders
Zero Gas Fees
Flexible Token Design with using vTokens and oTokens
Easier to Protect IP
High-speed Transactions
Builder's Own Verse
Eco Friendly
Scam Less
A verse limited to own IP
Scam Resistance
Scam Resistance