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Bitsee & Captain Devex

Grow your collection and enjoy gaming experiences within ChainGuardians'

The future of gaming is here! Experience the power of digital assets which you truly own inside the ChainGuardians gaming world! Are you ready to be a part of something special?

What are digital assets (nfts) and how are they used in ChainGuardians'?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” - they are one of-a-kind digital collectibles which can be verified on a public database known as 'blockchain'.

A one-of-a-kind digital asset.

Be prepared to be part of the evolution of gaming, as the way the world understands art, gaming and music is transformed with the power of NFTs!

When you own a unique digital assets. you have the power to choose how you want to use it - whether you're a long-term collector and brand ambassador, a gamer who is keen to accelerate your experience, or simply looking to turn a profit by selling it, there's a plethora of opportunities when owning NFTs. Are you ready to join the NFT revolution?

Learn more about some of our ChainGuardian superheroes.
What happens when I purchase an NFT?

When an NFT is 'minted' (created) and stored on a distributed ledger (a public database called the blockchain), you'll have the ultimate proof of ownership.

From here you can use your NFT across all supported games, web-applications or metaverse experiences across the ChainGuardians ecosystem! Or you can simply admire your new digital collectible(s) on our user friendly interfaces and look to turn a profit. There really is an extensive opportunity to utilise your NFTs and you should join the resistance with other like-minded collectors!

  • Participate in DeFi (decentralised finance) opportunities
  • Play games across the ecosystem
  • Earn rewards across the ecosystem
  • Earn tokens on the mining platform
  • Sell them on the Marketplace
What is Proof of Ownership?
What are some of the different Blockchains?

Meet The Guardians

Inspired by anime themes and artwork styles, the ChainGuardians are digital assets and collectibles, which can be utilised across the ecosystem, in a variety of different ways. The ChainGuardians are the world's first superheroes dedicated to harnessing the power of blockchain technologies to fight and defend their world's against the oppressive Gatekeeper forces. Learn about them through the Cipherverse and explore their prowess.

Rewards with Utility

At ChainGuardians, we know that NFTs are more than just collectibles - they're a powerful asset that can help you gain rewards in all kinds of exciting ways. That's why we're building a system that will enables you to tap into the full potential of NFTs within our ecosystem.


Once you purchase one of our NFTs - this grants you access to a wide range of opportunities within our ecosystem.


When you stake your $CGG, you'll earn more guardians within the ChainGuardians universe, unlocking a world of possibilities and rewards.


By utilising your NFTs in our mining platform, you'll earn all kinds of amazing rewards, including tokens which can be used to earn money.


Experience the full power of BoostScores with ChainGuardians' assets and earn contribution opportunities to top up and coming projects! Gain BoostScore in the ChainBoost Launchpad!


Get ready to unlock a world of adventure with ChainGuardians NFTs! Enjoy the power of them as playable characters in our RPG and other gaming experiences!


When you obtain one of our ChainGuardians superhero NFTs, you'll become eligible for all kinds of amazing opportunities, including: contribution slots, giveaways, entries and even physical x digital merchandise!