Ever since the arrival of an unknown entity from outer-space, now formally titled ‘The Gatekeepers’, worlds have been destroyed, oppressed and abused. It wasn’t until Bitsee underwent a metamorphosis that they faced any type of resistance. Now, four years on, in 2073, Guardians around the Cryptoverse have been forming alliances and rivalries to fight back. Below are some of the prominent members of The Guardian Council; their duty – defend the Cryptoverse at all costs!

Guardian Bitsee Naka


Legendary - Bitsee Naka is the first of her kind and arguably the most powerful ChainGuardian. Sporting a large golden Katana, it’s not only her looks which are deadly.

Guardian Hiro


Legendary - Hiro the bold and boisterous protagonist of Decentraland. Predominantly a bashful and benevolent builder of worlds; but you wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of his MANAHAMMER.

Guardian Mudra


Legendary - Mudra is a self-actualised, mindful and magnanimous being who saved a stagnant world from impending doom. Creator of Plasma Technology; his benevolence is only equalled by his combat genius.

Guardian Seth Butler

Seth Buter

Legendary - Seth Buter was the first ChainGuardians to innovate The Gatekeepers’ technology to its full potential. Slick, stylish and smooth, Seth harnesses force-field technology like no other.

Hero Dasha


Legendary - Dasha Locks is an ominous presence amongst the ChainGuardians; her motive not always clear. Quiet, reflective and thoughtful, only a handful of followers have ever seen her true power.

Guardian Lolita Lee

Lolita Lee

Legendary - Lolita Lee has a past which has seen her suffer more than any other ChainGuardian. She might look petite and innocent, but she certainly packs a punch! Her side-kick isn’t all cute either!


The noble and honourable protector of the Cryptoverse. Renowned for his strength in battle and his charitable expeditions. Revered like royalty by his followers.

Captain Devex Attazer

Legendary (Standard Edition) - Captain Devex Attazer roams the OpenSea of the ChainGuardians universe. He maintains one of a kind features including enabling free travel of the ChainGuardians universe and special mining capabilities.

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