Announcing the ChainGuardians War Riders Partnership

18 February 2021
by GuardianLedeir

ChainGuardians and War Riders Partnership

ChainGuardians to Integrate War Riders Assets in Their NFT Staking / Mining Game!

Today we are pleased to announce our War Riders partnership!

All holders of premium War Rider vehicles (Lambos, Tanks, Hovercrafts, Trucks, and SUVs) will be able to freely stake those assets in our ChainGuardians mining game for rewards. There are no fees, no ETH gas charges, and best of all, you always maintain ownership of your assets. Additional War Rider assets will be integrated in the near future.

Come join the celebration and start mining with us today! You can view the premium vehicles on the War Riders website. Follow ChainGuardians and War Riders for more exciting partnership and collaboration news!

At WR, we believe in the true power of decentralization and seeing projects like CG natively supporting our assets for their in-game mining is great news. The cool thing about the CG mining game is that players don’t have to spend any gas to start earning rewards. Staking is totally free and gasless, which is something players absolutely love. There is also very little to no risk involved in playing CG, as your precious rides never leave your wallet.

  • - Vlad Kartashov, CEO, War Riders

About War Riders

Are you tired of watching your computer mine crypto? War Riders lets you take a more active role. Engage in intense vehicle driven combat while you attempt to mine Benzene (BZN). BZN can be found throughout the wastelands or it can be looted from other players. Use the BZN you mine, or pay with ETH, to customize your ideal mining machine. There are lots of vehicles and weapons to choose from!


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