Sushi Chef Reo has been spotted in the cryptoverse

3 March 2021
by GuardianLedeir

Sushi Chef Reo

ChainGuardians is excited to welcome a second chef into the kitchen. Sushi Chef Reo is now available for purchase on OpenSea

Sushi Chef Reo is infamous for being the only Chef in the Cryptoverse to cook Sushi which rivals that of Chef Morimoto. It has been rumored that Dasha has been spotted out on dates with Reo due to his devilishly good looks.

Crypto news outlets widely report that Chef Reo and Chef Morimoto grew up in the same district of Sapporo and have on several occasions fiercely crossed knives.

Sushi Chef Reo can be obtained through the secondary marketplace on OpenSea. His price begins at 0.3 ETH and increases by 0.05 ETH for every 20 sold. A maximum of 200 of this rare NFT will be available.

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