Mine MIX for a limited time!

As per our previous announcement regarding the introduction of the MIX and CGG Syrup Pools, as well as a BNB-CGG farm on PancakeSwap, you will now also be able to mine MIX through the ChainGuardians NFT Mining Platform.

We have previously outlined how Mixie, the newest character to enter the Cryptoverse ranks, can only be minted through the redemption of MIX. PancakeSwap has retained 75% of available MIX allocation to be farmed through their Syrup Pools; however, we wanted to infuse the remaining 25% directly to the ChainGuardians miners!

Therefore, every six hours (18 blocks), starting from block 37951, MIX will be distributed through our NFT Mining Platform. You don't have to do anything to obtain this MIX - it will be automatically airdropped to the wallet linked to your account if you'e the winner.


How does it work?

Mixie can only be minted through the acquisition and redemption of MIX. MIX will be offered as a reward every six hours through our NFT Mining Platform. Higher catches of Mixie will cost more MIX and consistently decrease in the necessary MIX to mint a Mixie. The 25% MIX allocation designated to our NFT mining platform will be fully expended after 90 days. After 90 days, no additional MIX will be able to be acquired through our NFT Mining Platform. In essence, DON'T MISS YOUR PARTICIPATION WINDOWS!


You asked, we listened!

With the massive influx of new supporters, users, and passionate community members, there has been an increasing surge of NFT mining participants. As the number of miners & difficulty of mining increases, so should the value of rewards! We pondered a critical yet straightforward question – how can we improve our supporters' experience through the gamified NFT Mining Platform? The addition of MIX follows our recent announcement regarding the introduction of Pepemon and Bondly into the Cryptoverse, with tokens to be made available as NFT Mining rewards in the near future.



The Guardian Program is designed to reward early CGG holders for their trust, confidence, and loyalty during our early stages. This limited-time NFT mining event is the initial illustration of our continual efforts to reward NFT-holders. As we continue to nurture the ChainGuardians' ecosystem, there are several efforts to benefit both CGG holders and NFT holders. As always, improving our supporters' experience is at the crux of our beliefs and will continue to be our priority moving forward.