Release Notes


The RPG has been patched to version If you encounter any issues, please ensure you logout, perform a hard refresh of the browser, and then log back in. If you are unsure how to refresh your browser, you can find instructions here.

Change Log:

  • - Soldier Bar System
  • - Character Fusion
  • - Enemies always attack the character with lowest HP
  • - Characters don't gain EXP if they die during battles
  • - When attacked, enemies have 20% chance to do a counter attack
  • - 10% chance for a Lv40 Walker to spawn at the 1st wave of each world's final stage
  • - Enemy soldiers now have colored swords and shields based on their element
  • - All players now have SAC: Aphrodite by default
  • - During battles the Enemy Wave Counter updates before spawning the next wave
  • - Demo Play watermark at the lower left side of the screen
  • - Increased enemy difficulty (enemies now have higher stats)
  • - Lv 40 Hard cap for Kuma & Celia
  • - New Character: Hiro
  • - Fix issue regarding guardians missing attack sounds
  • - NFT syncing has been improved. The RPG and mining game should better reflect your collection now.
  • - The character hashrates in the mining game were updated March 1st. You can read about that here.

Soldier Bar System:

During battle the soldier bar at the bottom of the screen will charge over time. When it reaches 50,  you can consume that many soldiers to use the ability of one of your SAC's.

  • - The bar will charge up to the maximum number of soldiers you have available.  If you have 100+ soldiers this allows you to use it multiple times in a row without waiting.
  • - Activating a SAC will consume soldiers. For example, if you had 500 soldiers to start, after using the SAC you will only have 450.

What are SACs?

SAC stands for Satellite Assisted Combat. These are spacecraft themed NFTs which were available during the crate sale. Each type of SAC has a special power which can impact the battle. Every account should have a free offchain Aphrodite as well. This SAC can heal your party.

Character Fusion:

You can find "Character Fusion" under the "Hero" screen. Here you can permanently sacrifice offchain characters to raise the rarity of another offchain character. The first character you select on the fusion screen will be raised to the next rarity level. Its stats and experience will remain unchanged.

How to Perform Fusion:

  • - Navigate to the Hero Screen.
  • - Click the "Fusion" button. Note: The UI will NOT remember the character you selected in the Hero screen.
  • - Select the character whose rarity you want to enhance. This will only work on offchain characters.
  • - The screen will refresh to show same rarity characters which can sacrificed towards the fusion. You need to select 8 more.
  • - Once you have selected all the units and confirmed your selection you will be shown a confirmation prompt. If you proceed you will destroy the 8 selected characters. You cannot proceed unless you have an appropriate voucher from the market in your inventory as well.

Known Issues:

  • - The reward loop is NOT implemented. You cannot yet earn CGC through gameplay or open reward chests. You CAN claim your daily free characters.
  • - Due to our anti bot and security settings you may occasionally receive "CSRF FIELD COULDN'T BE VALIDATED" when attempting to login. Simply reload your browser and try again.
  • - Cryptomorph NFTs currently have a hashrate of zero.
  • - Some characters have had their levels reset to 1.
  • - When trying to use a skill during battle there is no X or back button. If you want to cancel the skill use simply click anywhere on the screen.
  • - While enemy units usually target the lowest HP unit correctly, this is not always the case.
  • - Captain Devex (and his clones) special attacks do not currently play sound.
  • - The target symbol is misplaced on several units.
  • - Sometimes a stage will fail to load the enemy units correctly. If this happens simply push the back button at the top left of the screen and try again.

Support Issues:

If you encounter any issues, please contact us through our support form.

If you click and hold the mouse button, then draw a clockwise circle in the center of the game screen, it will open the debug console. Please provide screenshots of that if possible.


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