We are excited to announce that our CGG token bridge is ready on pNetwork. This integration allows CGG holders to transfer their CGG tokens from the Ethereum mainnet to the Binance Smart Chain network.This is the first major step in our collaboration with pNetwork, there is more to come!

Building Bridges For ChainGuardians 

Collaborating with pNetwork  allows us to create a frictionless bridge between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain for the CGG token. This gives the CGG token more opportunities to be available on multiple networks, increasing exposure to the DeFi community and users more dedicated to another network. In addition, the integrity of pNetwork will help manage a large portion of the “heavy lifting” required to maintain this bridge. By using pNetwork, this will bring a special pool of liquidity that can be used for both the Ethereum chain and the Binance Smart Chain, creating a versatile pool system that's completely trustless and transparent. The CGG tokens used for this pool will be locked in the form of pTokens, which will be fully pegged to the value of CGG at all times. 

CGG contract on BSC


pNetwork token bridge


About pNetwork

The pNetwork is the underlying architecture for pTokens, a cross-chain system enabling assets to move frictionlessly from one blockchain to another. Currently, pTokens enable the transparent interaction among major blockchain protocols, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and Litecoin. pNetwork is the progressively decentralized governance layer operating the pTokens bridges and pNetwork Portals. It is home to the pNetwork DAO and the ecosystem's governance token PNT.

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About ChainGuardians 

ChainGuardians is a blockchain meets superheroes gaming ecosystem which combines traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technologies. As well as boasting the world’s first NFT Mining Platform and interoperable RPG, ChainGuardians also merges awe-inspiring artwork with imaginative storytelling. ChainGuardians amalgamates the juxtaposing concepts of play-to-earn and free-to-play through a balanced in game ecosystem; enabling users the opportunity to make key decisions through governance.

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