Introducing Mudra: A Unique ChainGuardian Defending the World of Matic

29 October 2019
by chainguardians

Introducing Mudra: Early Purchase Opportunity!

Further to our announcement informing the community of our incorporation of Matic Network’s Plasma side-chain solutions and our ongoing work together, the ChainGuardians team are elated to introduce you all to Mudra, a ChainGuardian defending the World of Matic.


Mudra Availability

The number 1 and 3 catches of Mudra will be available as part of our patron’s offering, details of which will can be found linked here. Catch number 2 will be put up for auction in due course. Remember, catch number 1 will always maintain the strongest possible statistics!

A small amount of Mudra have now been made available for purchase ahead of the ChainGuardians crate sale through purchasing with Ethereum, which can be found on the ChainGuardians' store front. The cost of Mudra will start at 0.5ETH; however to ensure Mudra, the first Guardian available before our crate sale, maintains a high value and scarcity, the cost of Mudra will increase in increments of 0.05ETH with every purchase. After the first purchase, some lucky users who keep a keen eye on our storefront might see some other Mudra appear at 0.5ETH from time to time..

It is noteworthy that there will never be anymore than 75 Mudra and not all will be available ahead of our crate sale.

In time, a very small number of Mudra will also be available for purchase with Matic Network’s own cryptocurrency: MATIC. When purchased with MATIC, your Mudra will be given unique statistical buffs unavailable through standard Ethereum purchases. There will only be a very small number of Mudra available through purchasing with MATIC, so ensure you pick yours up fast as we guess they won’t last long!

Mudra’s Manifesto

Mudra: the dedicated defender of the World of Matic, originally resided within the World of Ethereum. Oppressed by the Gatekeepers, residing in poverty, suffering mental and physical torment, he escaped their wrath through being smuggled to a new world on a pirate ship.

Here, Mudra found a world: a world untouched by The Gatekeeper tyrants; a world The Gatekeepers had yet deemed necessary for colonisation, a world of peace and tranquility. But how long would it be before The Gatekeepers turned their attention to this new world? Trade and commerce was very slow: people kept themselves to themselves, traditional currency didn’t exist, there was no global military superpower. Mudra knew that such a vulnerable world would be an easy target for The Gatekeepers; a force the natural inhabitants of the planet were completely unaware of. How long would that last?

Reflection, mindfulness and belief were necessities as Mudra considered the antagonism he knew would undoubtedly arrive.

Through a combination of meditation, self-belief and innovation, Mudra dedicated himself towards the self-improvement of the mind, body and soul. He told stories of The Gatekeepers from his world: The World of Ethereum. People were fascinated and horrified. He quickly became a symbol for the people and a symbol for the world. A world which became known as... Matic World: a world centred upon Mudra's Manifesto of mindful beliefs.

Before long, he would be called upon by his origins; The World of Ethereum would be in need of his aid…

Join Mudra in his war against the tyranny of The Gatekeepers in the world of the ChainGuardians.

The ChainGuardians Team.