Integrating Chainlink VRF To Power ChainGuardians Customization

21 August 2020
by chainguardians

Today we’re excited to announce we are integrating with Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF)! Chainlink VRF -- a smart contract-based randomness solution with strong guarantees around tamperproofness and being provably fair -- will power a new customization feature that allows players to individualize their new Chainlink Guardians with unique color aesthetics!Â

ChainGuardians is a turn-based RPG, driven by blockchain superheroes, in the style of anime meets crypto. Inspired by different blockchains, Guardians have been forming alliances, battling rivals and fighting for survival within a post-apocalyptic, volatile and war-ridden world. Players gather NFT-backed Guardians to fight for supremacy!

Our unique use case allows for on-chain randomness solutions like Chainlink VRF to become a key part of our player experience while also remaining compliant with relevant laws. Due to Japanese gambling restrictions, many common forms of in-game randomness -- such as item drops or loot crates -- are not permissible. It’s for this reason that the design of our Crate Sale earlier this spring was forced to remain static instead of applying random elements.

While NFT-backed items still offer many benefits, such as provable ownership and ease of exchange for real-world value, we wanted to make sure there was a way for players to individualize their Chainlink Guardian to add a more dynamic player experience.Â

This is exactly the experience we’ve integrated with Chainlink VRF! With our forthcoming minting system, players will be able to create NFTs representing different colors which can then be ‘merged’ with their Chainlink Guardians. This will change the appearance of the Guardian while preserving their predetermined attributes, allowing for an individualized experience that doesn’t interfere with gameplay. This customization system is a unique use case that also takes reasonable steps to comply with Japanese law.Â

Chainlink VRF is an ideal technology for this feature. Because this customization feature centers on a meaningful player experience at its core, we wanted to make sure that players had a way to prove that the randomness that led to their color was auditable. Chainlink VRF -- a randomness solution specifically built for blockchain-based video games -- allows players to audit that the randomness was fair and generated without interference from any third party, including us, the developers. We’re thrilled to be able to deploy this transparent, tamper-resistant source of randomness to augment the ChainGuardians experience even more.

“We’re always looking for ways to make our gameplay more meaningful for users,” said ChainGuardians Co-Founder Robbie Cochrane, “Integration with Chainlink VRF allows for the first-ever customization of Guardians through a provably fair and transparent source of randomness, creating a more dynamic user experience within ChainGuardians.”Â

We hope this new feature excites our players as much as it does us!

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About Chainlink

If you are a smart contract developer and want to take advantage of the Chainlink VRF feature, visit their developer documentation and join the technical discussion on Discord. If you want to schedule a call to discuss the integration more in-depth, reach out here.

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