In this article, we will give you a step by step guide for how to participate in the ChainGuardians NFT Mining game.

If you are yet to create a ChainGuardians Account, please do so via the following link.

For those of you who prefer to watch a quick video, you can watch a demonstration here.

Step One:

Go to the ChainGuardians website or visit the direct link to the NFT mining game here.

Step Two:

Click the 'Mining' tab in the upper right corner of the website:

ChainGuardians Website Homepage

Step Three:

Log-in with your ChainGuardians credentials (if you are yet to create an account please see the link at the start of this article). Please note, you are only required to put the username you have used to sign-up, not your email address. This is to add an additional layer to our security.

Log-in screen for NFT Mining

Step Four:

Select the NFTs you wish to use to mine from the list available.

Asset page for NFT Mining

Note: If you do not yet own any NFTs from ourselves or our partners you can obtain them as indicated by the below image:

Partner projects for NFT Mining

Step Five:

Once you have selected the NFTs you wish to mine with, click the 'Start Mining' button.

Congratulations, you are now using your NFTs to mine ChainGuardians Credits (CGC)! Use these credits to make in game purchases in the ChainGuardians RPG or in the future, to convert to ChainGuardians Governance Tokens (our ERC20 cryptocurrency).