Announcing The ChainGuardians Website Update

11 February 2021
by GuardianLedeir

ChainGuardians Website Update

We are excited to announce our newly redesigned website and streamlined sign up process. We’ve been actively listening to the community's feedback and have taken many of your suggestions into consideration during the website update. We hope this will further improve your ChainGuardians experience. 

Some highlights are:

  • Easier Signup. You don’t need to go through safename anymore.
  • A new user’s area for easy account management.
  • Dedicated Tokenomics Page with information about our Governance Token.
  • Dedicated Guardian and Lore Pages so fans can easily learn about our setting
  • Dedicated Art Page for all the art lovers.
  • Fully integrating the blog into the site so you can get all your information in a single place.

Easier Signup

The most obvious website update is our improved signup process. Though safename is a useful tool our players found it frustrating having to register with both Safename and ChainGuardians to play. As such we listened to their requests and streamlined the process. All you need is an email address and metamask wallet to sign up. The process only takes a couple of clicks and a single metamask signature to join.

User’s Area

Once you have logged in, you can see our new user’s area. Here you can easily manage your account. It also provides a single login point, once you’ve logged into the site, you are logged into the mining and RPG games as well. To top it all off, in the future you will be able to view your ChainGuardians NFT collection here as well.

Dedicated Token Page

For users looking for more information on our economy and governance token, we have the new Tokenomics page. This is an easy to access page dedicated to explaining the ChainGuardians Governance Token. You can learn what the token will be used for, see its metrics and more.

Guardians and Lore Pages

Our new Guardian’s page allows users to easily learn about all our Guardians. Each Guardian has their own page with their description, a 360 degree view of their card, their basic traits, and if available a link to their lore. Currently we have started sharing Bitsee and Lolita’s lore, both in story and comic form. We will continue to expand their stories in the future as well as those of the other guardians. Make sure to check it out!

Art Pages

When you finish reading our lore, browse over to our amazing ChainGuardian’s themed art. If anything catches your eye and you want to own your own limited edition NFT, you can easily click a link and find them on opensea. 

Fully Integrated Blog

Last but not least, our blog has been fully integrated with the site. Now rather than finding both our website and blog separately you can find everything in a single place. Get all the latest news and articles without navigating away.

More Website Updates to Come!

This is just the beginning of our planned improvements. Phase two of our website updates brings the CGC Marketplace and Inventory Page. In the Marketplace you will be able to buy and sell your ChainGuardians characters for CGC. You will be able to do this even without paying gas fees and minting them. Not only that, you will be able to view your collection outside of the RPG.

Take a look at the new and improved site and let us know what you think! We hope you find these improvements useful and welcome your feedback. We want to ensure the site meets your needs!

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