ChainGuardians to Introduce NFT Proof-of-Stake Mining Game

8 July 2019
by chainguardians

Further to the #ChainGuardians announcement informing the community of the start of our presales, which saw the first batch of our Uncommon Captain Devex Attazer characters sell within minutes; we are exhilarated at the prospect of introducing the world’s first Non-Fungible Token Mining Game: NFT Global Hash Wars!

Prior to the main game launch, The Global Hash Wars is one of several planned game features to be embedded into the ChainGuadians world, whereby owners of approved NFTs will be able to deploy their assets to mine in ChainGuardians’ preliminary mini-game.

As previously revealed, Captain Devex Attazer, the first ChainGuardians character available as part of our presale series, will be amongst the miners:


“Captain Devex Attazer and his pirates roam the OpenSeas between Cryptosphere’s worlds; undertaking bounties from time to time whilst ferrying private armies and mercenaries between worlds.

It was all but a regular fair until one day the Blockchain Pirates discovered the hidden secret of the OpenSeas. The Blockchain Pirates learned about the secret of minting coins through Hashing: like money falling from the sky. These digital objects, later became known as (CGC) and sprung into existence as they performed secret rituals.”

Some time later, the information spread throughout the OpenSeas of the Cryptosphere. NFT Heroes, Legends, Friends and Foes from all worlds came to join in the ‘NFT Global Hash Wars’.”

Mining Specifications

The Captain will be available exclusively on OpenSea as part of a partnership offering between ChainGuardians, Colletrix and Opensea, which includes the option to obtain an exclusive watch.

The Captain maintains one of a kind features which includes the unique ability to mine ChainGuardians Credits (CGC); the official in-game currency for the ChainGuardians world. Other approved NFTs (from other popular games) will also be given the opportunity to mine CGCs, as part of our 'Bring Your Own NFT!' game play feature!

(Selected NFTs) - Hasher Class C3:
Hash-rate of 180 GH/s

(Selected NFTs) - Hasher Class C5:
Hash-rate of 450 GH/s

(Selected NFTs) - Hasher Class C7:
Hash-rate of 4.75 TH/s

Captain Devex Attazer - Hasher Class C9:
Hash-rate of 13.5 TH/s (The worlds’ most efficient hasher!)

Technical Information

Every 20 minutes, 25 CGC(ChainGuardians' Coins) will be rewarded to one lucky owner based on the following probability algorithm:

Chance of reward = Player’s NFT total hash-rate / Total Hash-rate of all players

Total Supply: 8%(1.68M) of 21M total CGC supply are mineable; with decreasing rewards over 933.33 days until no more are mineable: 933.33 days x 24 hours x 3 divided per hour x 25 CGC Rewards = 1.68M CGC.

If you are yet to obtain your own Captain Devex Attazer, you can find them here!

Further information will be made available on other NFTs which will be able to take part in ChainGuardians' Global Hash Wars, as well as the time frame, in due course.

Let The NFT Global Hash Wars Commence!

The ChainGuardians Team


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