ChainGuardians Team-up with Colletrix and OpenSea to Release World’s First NFT Watch Collectible

4 July 2019
by chainguardians



ChainGuardians, a cryptocurrency meets anime collectible game soon to be launched on the Ethereum blockchain, have teamed up with Colletrix and OpenSea to create the world’s first NFT meets NFC watch reality package. Captain Devex Attazer, a unique in-game ChainGuardians character (represented as an ERC-721 NFT), comes with a collectible watch which is designed and engineered by Colletrix; available only through auction on

Colletrix’s partners include Animoca Brands and UNDONE who boast vast experience in merchandising; whilst OpenSea maintain the world’s most prolific NFT marketplace for peer-to-peer sales. The aforementioned organisations, together with ChainGuardians, are producing a rare and mesmerising collectible watch, which will be offered to ChainGuardians’ NFT pre-sales participants on July 7th 2019.

A preview of the front (left) and back (right) of the watch can be seen below:

CG_urban_v1_front and back copy.png

Captain Devex Attazer

Introducing the first ChainGuardians character from our NFT presale series: Legendary Edition Captain Devex Attazer.

Purple Captain for Steemit.png

Created and designed by our in-house artist, whose portfolio includes working for DC Comics, ‘The Captain’ sets a new standard for stylish and slick art design; whilst boasting unique attributes that will be deployed as part of the ChainGuardians blockchain game.

The watch will come complete with a unique RFID chip, which will enable watch owners to execute special in game features including free travel of the ChainGuardians Cryptoverse and a special feature soon to be revealed! Further details on Captain Devex Attazer’s exclusive features will be announced during the pre-sale.

Technical Information

When activated in combination with any NFC (near field communication - the vast majority of smartphones have this feature) supported phone, the watch will produce a URL digital certificate, which in turn will detect whether the watch is authentic against Colletrix’s database.

In time, the certificate (URL) will contain a unique ‘Launch ChainGuardians’ link which will allow users to connect with MetaMask and enable special features within the official ChainGuardians game.

For example, travelling within the ChainGuardians Cryptoverse can be quite expensive; as The Captain is the primary mode of transport between in-game worlds, owners of the watch will be able to it on their smartphones and waive any applicable fees on our website.

The digital certificate also maintains a further redemption function which allows the owner of the watch to redeem a standard ERC721 Colletrix token which serves as proof of authenticity. Once redeemed, the token will also serve as a "power stone" to provide an additional in-game power up.

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Happy Sailing!

The ChainGuardians Team.