ChainGuardians Partner with Crypto Beasties for Asset Integration in The Global Hash Wars! and Bring Your Own NFT

20 July 2019
by chainguardians

The #ChainGuardians Team are delighted to announce that we have agreed a partnership with Crypto Beasties to integrate their NFT assets for deployment in the ‘The Global Hash Wars!’ and ‘Bring Your Own NFT’.

Further to announcing a partnership with Chainbreakers to introduce their NFT assets into our NFT Proof of Stake Mining game, where community members from partnered NFT projects will be able to deploy selected NFTs to mine ChainGuardians Coins (CGC), we’re pleased to announce that Crypto Beasties are the second project to offer their community this cross-platform use-case.

The ChainGuardians Team will integrate Crypto Beasties’ assets in the first phase of The Global Hash Wars; in order that Crypto Beasties NFT holders will be amongst the first to gain access to participate in The Global Hash Wars!

Further integration of the Crypto Beasties assets will be introduced during the development of ‘Bring Your Own NFT’; whereby NFTs across different NFT gaming platforms will be able to participate in The Coliseum in order to compete to win prestigious prizes!

Further information on the integration of the Crypto Beasties NFT assets into ‘The Global Hash Wars!’ will be released in due course.

The ChainGuardians Team.


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