Announcing the ChainGuardians Partnership with Covalent

25 February 2021
by GuardianLedeir

ChainGUardians and Covalent Partnership

ChainGuardians Partner with Covalent

  • - ChainGuardians to utilize Covalent’s data services for NFT Mining Platform
  • - Covalent's infrastructure improves on-chain data transparency and visibility
  • - Improved user experience for NFT transfers and purchases

The ChainGuardians Partnership with Covalent

The ChainGuardians team are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Covalent in order to utilise Covalent’s services to improve our NFT Mining Platform. We will be utilising Covalent HQ's data infrastructure to power the future of NFT mining and Defi. By utilizing Covalent’s APIs we will ensure that the data we collect for our ecosystem is accurate and structurally sound. 

Additionally, through providing highly flexible and deep insight into blockchain data, Covalent HQ's APIs  and tools will drastically decrease response time for synchronising users' on-chain data. This will improve both the RPG and mining experience for our players. At ChainGuardians, we are striving to give our users a world class blockchain RPG experience; and by focusing on fundamentals such as efficient data structuring, we are building the foundations of excellence for user experience.

Along with NFT mining and data integrity capabilities, Covalent also improves user experience when dealing with the purchase and transfer of NFTs between accounts. Non-fungible tokens should be transferable in order to be valuable and Covalent helps us improve this experience. NFTs are a major component of ChainGuardians so it's crucial that all aspects of the NFT ecosystem are as smooth as possible.

“We have been monitoring the NFT gaming sector at Covalent and are very excited to see it grow and mature over the coming years. ChainGuardians is a tremendous platform with a very talented and experienced team behind it. This is an exciting partnership that will propel and mature the platform through improved data functionalities. We are delighted to be part of the ChainGuardians ecosystem.”  

  • - Ganesh Swami, Covalent CEO

"Covalent HQ is in a fantastic position to Empower the future of blockchain gaming, whilst utilising a decentralised infrastructure. We're particularly excited about the opportunities the Covalent data infrastructure will afford to our NFT Mining platform to enable players to have a more user friendly experience. The Covalent team are passionate and we felt an instant synergy with their ambition which made our decision to partner with them very easy."

  • - Idon Liu, ChainGuardians Co-Founder and CTO

About Covalent

Covalent leverages big-data technologies to create meaning from hundreds of billions of data points, delivering actionable insights to investors and allowing developers to allocate resources to higher-utility goals within their organization. Instead of pain-stakingly sourcing data from a small handful of chains, Covalent aggregates information from across dozens of sources including nodes, chains and data feeds. The Covalent API then sources end users with individualized data by wallet, including current and historical investment performance across all types of digital assets. Most importantly, Covalent returns this data in a rapid and consistent manner, incorporating all relevant data within one API interface.

Twitter: @Covalent_HQ



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ChainGuardians is a blockchain meets superheroes gaming ecosystem which combines traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technologies. As well as boasting the world’s first NFT Mining Platform and interoperable RPG, ChainGuardians also merges awe-inspiring artwork with imaginative storytelling. ChainGuardians amalgamates the juxtaposing concepts of play-to-earn and free-to-play through a balanced in game ecosystem; enabling users the opportunity to make key decisions through governance.

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