ChainGuardians Integration With Orion Protocol NFT Aggregator

30 March 2021
by chainguardians

ChainGuardians Orion Integration

ChainGuardians Integration With Orion Protocol NFT Aggregator

Making a strategic and memorable move, ChainGuardians is excited to announce a strategic integration with Orion Protocol. As a strong aggregation tool in the world of DeFi, Orion Protocol is a gateway for all crypto markets on one decentralized platform. This integration with ChainGuardians will result in  Guardian NFTs being added to the Orion NFT Aggregator. ChainGuardains is proud to be one of the first platforms on this aggregator and this shows our continued expression of integrity for our platform.

ChainGuardians is an enhanced gaming platform that harnesses the power of traditional gaming and blockchain technology while leveraging NFTs within the game that users can own and transfer. In this way, ChainGuardians is more than a game - it is a representation of what blockchain technology can do and how NFTs can change the landscape of both entertainment and ownership. NFTs empower DeFi users like never before, but for the most part, the ecosystem for decentralized finance specifically for NFTs is fragmented and disjointed. With the availability of Orion Protocol NFT Aggregator, this creates a unified marketplace,and facilitates liquidity, accessibility, and volume to anyone wanting to take advantage of NFTs. 

Thanks to the integration with Orion Protocol, ChainGuardians users will be able to exchange any ERC20 token for ChainGuardian NFTs. This is called a complex swap. By leveraging an option to use any ERC20 token and making this option available on a one-stop marketplace, this integration gives the community much more control within the DeFi ecosystem to find the Guardians they want closer to their own terms.

"ChainGuardians is more than a game - it’s a creative representation of the impact of blockchain technology and NFTs on asset ownership. With our collective focus to empower users by placing control of assets back in the hands of the individual, we’re incredibly excited to work with ChainGuardians to extend this control to NFTs through more streamlined accessibility."

- Alexey Koloskov, CEO + Co-Founder of Orion Protocol

"Orion Protocol are bringing an exciting product to the NFT space through their NFT Aggregator. We're super excited to collaborate with their talented team who have demonstrated an amazing understanding of Defi and are humbled they selected ChainGuardians to be amongst the first available NFTs on their platform."

  • Robbie Cochrane, COO + Co-Founder of ChainGuardians

By integrating with Orion Protocol, we are helping the community access NFTs in a more refined way. 


About Orion Protocol 

Built on the most advanced liquidity aggregator ever developed, Orion Protocol aggregates the liquidity of every single crypto exchange into one decentralized platform: providing a singular, non-custodial, gateway to the entire digital asset market. By providing access to the digital asset market in one place, we're building a protocol on which to bridge the worlds of crypto, traditional finance, and real world assets.


About ChainGuardians

ChainGuardians is a blockchain meets superheroes gaming ecosystem which combines traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technologies. As well as boasting the world’s first NFT Mining Platform and interoperable RPG, ChainGuardians also merges awe-inspiring artwork with imaginative storytelling. ChainGuardians amalgamates the juxtaposing concepts of play-to-earn and free-to-play through a balanced in game ecosystem; enabling users the opportunity to make key decisions through governance.

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