ChainGuardians Hashrate Balancing Update

2 March 2021
by chainguardians

ChainGuardians Hashrate Update
Today we are pleased to announce an update to current hashrates for all existing CG characters. All CG characters received an increase in hashrate, some more than others, driven by army rank, mint #, uniqueness, and rarity. All CG hashrates can be viewed on their respective Guardian page.

Updated Hashrates

These are the current hashrates as of March 1st, 2021.


Character Count #1 #2 #3 #4+
Bitsee Naka 12 1550 1400 1300 1000
Seth Buter 30 1500 1350 1250 950
Dasha Locks 55 1450 1300 1200 900
Lolita Lee 100 1450 1300 1200 900
*Unsold NFTs were burnt
100* 1450 1300 1200 900
Mudra 100 1400 1250 1150 850
Hiro 100 1400 1250 1150 850
Captain Devex Attazer
*Special Hashrate rules
75 #0: 2100
#1: 2095
2050 2000 #4-10: 1125
#11+: 1000
Celia R100 200 880 730 630 330
Celia B100 200 880 730 630 330
Kumabaggu 200 880 730 630 330
Sushi Chef Morimoto 200 880 730 630 330
Sushi Chef Reo 200 900 750 650 350

Why update hashrates?

In an effort to continuously provide a well balanced experience for players across the CG ecosystem (Mining, RPG, and PvP), we’ll periodically review hashrates across our line of characters and items, as well as participating NFTs from our partners, in order to ensure optimal balance tuned per the rarity, utility, and value the NFTs provide.

How does this update affect my NFTs purchased?

Updates to hashrates are automatic and can be seen in the mining interface when you log in and view your characters.

How frequent do we expect a balance review to occur?

Hashrate balance reviews are essential given the elasticity of the mining ecosystem. We will perform balance reviews on a quarterly basis (at minimum), to ensure our players are getting optimal value from their items as new CG NFTs and partner NFTs are integrated within the CG ecosystem.

Will all balance reviews result in updates to character stats and hashrates?

No. A review doesn’t always mean an update is needed, however, they are critical given the continual inclusion/expansion of the CG line of characters and items as well as inclusion of NFTs from partner projects.

Seems like my hashrate was raised by a lot! Will this be common?

No. This update was broad and much needed to establish better mining balance across the line of characters driven by the rarity, utility, and value the NFTs provide.

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