Introducing $CGG – Governance token of the first-ever Blockchain Superhero Ecosystem

11 December 2020
by chainguardians

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Since the inception of ChainGuardians 18 months ago, we have been working closely with our loyal community to build a unique and sustainable ecosystem, which places the players at the heart of everything we do. ChainGuardians is the world's first blockchain meets superheroes gaming ecosystem; combining traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technologies.

As a result of our strong belief in community led growth and our mission to underpin and enhance the fundamental value of NFTs, we will be releasing a governance token which will enable game-play rooted in play-to-earn.

Introducing ChainGuardians Governance Token (CGG): an ERC20 token that will empower players and collectors as the driving force for key ecosystem decisions and enable them to earn rewards.

How to Earn CGG?

1. NFT Mining Game

You can earn through staking any NFTs which have been added to our partner ecosystem through our NFT Mining game. Through winning block rewards, users will be credited with ChainGuardians Credits (CGC) which they will then be able to convert to *ChainGuardians Tokens (CGG) on our platform. We want to reward you for actively using our gaming platforms. Moreover, it's completely free to play!

2. Play the ChainGuardians RPG

Secondly, you can earn a steady flow of CGC by playing our Role-playing Game. Battle through the Cryptoverse and fight The Gatekeeper tyrant. Level your Guardians. Be rewarded with CGC and redeem it for $CGG or other services. Once again, it's completely free to play!

*CGG is earned via a daily redemption process where the user's qualifying activity (CGC earning - during each 24 hour period is considered.)

  • CGG will enable a Play-to-Earn ecosystem
  • Stake NFTs in the mining game to earn passive income
  • Battle through the role-playing game and Play-to-Earn

Earn with CGG

CGG enables you to earn in the following ways:

  1. Earn POWER (liquidity provider token) rewards by providing CGG pairs
  2. Stake POWER tokens and earn CGG (APY)
  3. Stake your CGG to earn exclusive NFTs and partner tokens
  4. Vote and propose on vital ecosystem decisions

$CGG Total Supply 120,000,000

The token model is designed to allow for the sustainable growth of the project, as well as enable for strong community governance. See below for distribution:

  • Almost 50% of total supply is allocated to community reward pool
  • 11% reserved for marketing
  • 18% for team
  • 23% for development

CGG Governance

As a $CGG holder, you will have the following governance and voting opportunities:

  1. Future Guardians and how powerful they are
  2. Game economics and balancing
  3. Staking APY and token choices
  4. NFT Mining hash rates

To celebrate the launch of $CGG and reward our loyal community members, we will be airdropping all NFT holders who bought from our sale. Don't worry if you missed out. There are still a few NFTs you can get your hands on which will ensure you are eligible for the airdrop.

Moreover, we will also be running numerous events which will give you the chance to get some $CGG.

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