ChainGuardians Game Development Update: Quarter One 2020

31 March 2020
by chainguardians

The ChainGuardians team are delighted to offer public access to the ChainGuardians game at this time. Read on to find out how development is progressing or skip straight to the bottom of this article to find out how you can be amongst the first players to play ChainGuardians!

Game Overview

ChainGuardians is a free to play turn-based mobile and browser RPG blockchain game built on the Ethereum blockchain. In two weeks’ time, purchases will be enabled through our marketplace to enable players to enhance their chances of winning; play to earn and play to win! Join your friends in the battle to save the cryptoverse!

Checkout our Co-Founder Idon playing the game here:

Development: Quarter One Progress

Over the past three months, we have released over five different versions of the ChainGuardians main game to a group of core members in our community. Our community and team have been testing the game for bugs, exploits and errors. Our latest build has proven stable enough that we can now open access up to the general public. We also enabled Japanese support as part of the first steps to ensure our game is accessible to multiple markets and communities.

At present, there are only two stages available for game-play within story mode. However the full first phase of story-mode will be released by the end of April as game Beta release approaches. If you’re interested in playing the ChainGuardians game immediately and giving it a try, join our Discord and ping one of the Admins.

Development: Next Month’s Aims

The current development focus is to ensure that the first phase of story mode is complete as well as integrating a full set of uniquely animated special moves individualised for each playable character and Guardians. Over the next month, the team’s priority is to release a fully playable game Beta and integrate this into the ChainGuardians website, so that players can access the game via browser.

Development: Looking Ahead

Moving into quarter two, focus will be shifted towards delivering further phases of Story Mode and developing a PvP feature, in order that players can pit their Guardians against one another for unique rewards and prizes.

How to Play

You can download the ChainGuardians Game immediately and try it out by following the very simple steps on our website here. Please note you DO NOT need to own a ChainGuardians NFT, however it would definitely make your progress easier. Please note, this version of the game still has limited features, but it will give you a taste of what’s to come!

We hope to see more of you looking to try our ChainGuardians and providing feedback to ensure we deliver an amazing game to you!

Keep a look out for our crate sale which will commence 14th April 2020!

The ChainGuardians Team


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