ChainGuardians Crate Sale Promotional Period: Prizes to be Won

29 March 2020
by chainguardians

This article is designed to provide an overview of the promotional period which will precede the ChainGuardians crate sale which will commence 14th April 2020. A number of promotions will take place offering numerous opportunities to win a variety of prizes!

Week Commencing 30th March

This week will consist of the following promotional activities:

  1. Discord Referral Competition: a prize pool of 1ETH be distributed amongst the top five individuals who refer the most people to the ChainGuardians Discord server.
  2. Game Progress Update: a thorough update of the current phase of game development
  3. Content Creation Competition: a prize pool of three rare ChainGuardians’ NFTs will be distributed to the best supplementary content from our community
  4. Crate Sale Breakdown: Full details of the assets available for the ChainGuardians game available for purchase in the crate sale
  5. Twitter Competition: full details to be provided nearer the time

Week commencing 6th April

This week will consist of the following promotional activities:

  1. ChainGuardians/MATIC Gleam Campaign: various prizes to be won by completing the necessary tasks
  2. ChainGuardians Game Guide: a break-down of how to play the ChainGuardians game, features and asset usage.
  3. Partnership Announcement: An exciting new partnership announcement
  4. Competition winners announced

Week commencing 13th April

Crate Sale commences Tuesday 14th April: 10% discount active for the first week of purchases as well as the lower catch numbers for NFTs!

Keep posted on all of these exciting promotions and opportunities to win by joining our Discord or following our social media channels (bottom).

Supplementary Information:

Following consultation with our core community, we discussed the proposition of postponing our crate sale in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent decline in the cryptocurrency market cap. We considered in lieu of some financially challenging times, our community and new players may not have the capital to purchase their preferred assets.

However, it was discussed that as a result of the drop in Ethereum (ETH) price, this makes the cost of assets tied to ETH more attainable. Moreover, with an increasing number of individuals staying home, the desire for gaming assets has also increased on a global scale. As a result, the ChainGuardians’ Crate Sale will commence a few weeks delayed on 14th April 2020.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones during these challenging times.

Best Wishes

The ChainGuardians Team