ChainGuardians Charity Event Raises $6000 for Children

20 December 2020
by chainguardians

We are excited to reveal the ChainGuardians charity raise for Binance Charity's Lunch for Children has ended and we have raised just under $6000. In total we raised 9.05ETH.

Despite not meeting our target of $10K, to aid in covering our own development outlay, we still donated 100% of the proceeds. We are proud of you, our community, for your generosity.

Watch Binance Charity's video to see the impact this has on young children's lives. According to Binance Charity's numbers: $0.30 = one lunch for one child and $6.60 = one month's lunches for one child. This means we have helped feed 909 children for one month. Or 101 children for an entire school year.

You should be proud of your part in enabling 101 children to attend school for an entire year! We definitely are. Thank you for taking part in our ChainGuardians charity raise for children!

ChainGuardians charity raise donation image

You can see at the bottom of the above image the timestamp and TXID for the fund transfer.

In addition, to help raise awareness of our charity raise, we ran a GLEAM campaign. Check below to see if you are a winner and contact us on Telegram to claim your rewards.

We will be running more competitions so be sure to keep checking in!

What is ChainGuardians

ChainGuardians is the world's first blockchain meets superheroes gaming ecosystem; combining traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technologies. ChainGuardians boasts the world's first NFT Mining Game and awe-inspiring anime style artwork.

What is Binance Charity

Binance Charity is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of the bottom billion through blockchain technology. Binance Charity aims to develop and test viable solutions that address the root cause of social problems to guide people out of the poverty trap.

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