ChainGuardians Assets: Value, Initial Statistics and Circulation

6 July 2019
by chainguardians

If you are yet to see our presales announcement; please read this link before reading any further to avoid confusion.

ChainGuardians' Value

All our collectible assets are of a limited quantity; ensuring they retain their scarcity and value within marketplaces. There will never be any more of these particular Guardians or supporting characters created beyond which are indicated below.

It is noteworthy that whilst no duplicates of these particular characters will ever be produced, new Guardians or supporting characters may be later developed, to support game-balancing and development.

Initial Statistics

Typically a ChainGuardians’ assets value is determined and protected due to the limited number of catches for each asset. At the end of this article the number of catches available for each asset will be outlined; however potential pre sales participants are encouraged to read the rationale outlined below.

The number of catches available for each Guardian and supporting character is determined by the following:

#1 Uniqueness

ChainGuardians’ characters have been categorised by their uniqueness, these categories are: Legendary, Rare, Uncommon and common. A legendary character is the rarest available uniqueness for the available character.

A Guardian can only ever be legendary; however every other character ranges somewhere between the above mentioned categories. These categories are determined by their ‘Army Rank’ (see below - #1 Army Rank). The current characters have the following categorisation:

  • Guardians - Legendary
  • Captains - Legendary to Uncommon
  • Lieutenant - Legendary to Uncommon
  • Officer - Rare to Common

You will notice that depending on the characters’ Army Rank, the range of their uniqueness will differ. Whilst a Guardian character will always be of Legendary uniqueness, on the other hand, an Officer character will never be unique enough to be Legendary. The number of catches available is in part determined by this categorisation.

#2 Army Rank

The current ChainGuardian characters which have been developed include the following ranks:

ChainGuardians: as the dedicated defenders of their respective blockchain worlds, the Guardians, alongside Captains, are the rarest assets that users can obtain in the ChainGuardians world.

Like all of our characters, once our Guardian characters have been sold during our pre sales, there will never be any more of these specific Guardians characters available, other than in secondary marketplaces such as or a custom ChainGuardians marketplace which may be later developed.

The currently developed Guardian characters are: Bitsee Naka, Seth Buter, Dasha locks and Lolita Lee.

Each Guardian is closely tied to their respective blockchain world both in terms of rarity, power and LORE.

Captains: whilst captains do not typically overly concern themselves in the art of combat, they should not be meddled with; boasting unique skills harnessed and nurtured through their travels, they have considerable value in the ChainGuardians’ world, whilst still maintaining some of the strongest combat skills.

Captain Devex Attazer is the only character who currently holds the title of Captain, and whilst typically our Guardian characters are the strongest combatants and rarest assets, the top three catches of Captain Devex Attazer will ensure his scarcity and power are comparable.

Lieutenants: lieutenant characters are typically a Guardian’s second-in-command; they are skilled in the art of war and maintain strong combat skills. Most lieutenants will maintain a uniqueness of Rare or Uncommon; though there are a few special Legendary Lieutenants who may be strong enough to develop close to a Guardian’s power!

Officers: Officers are the grunts of the ChainGuardians’ world. Typically they are not particularly rare; though some officers are stronger than others and there are a few rare officers in the ChainGuardians’ world capable of rivalling some lieutenants. In later gameplay modes, such as army versus army combat, holding some of the stronger officers may be the difference between victory and defeat!

#3 Rarity

Note that a Guardian or supporting characters’ rarity is not the same as their uniqueness. Rarity is a fixed number which contributes towards the overall power score of a character for the ChainGuardians game; whereas a character’s uniqueness has no direct affect on the numbers. The overall power score of a character dictates their strength in battle and the likely outcome of a battle.

A Guardian or supporting characters’ rarity is determined by their army rank and uniqueness which can be seen in the table appended at the bottom of this article. The maximum number for rarity is outlined as twenty (20).

#4 Natural Ability

Natural Ability is an additional number which directly affects a characters’ overall power score within the ChainGuardians game. However, unlikely rarity, this number is not fixed; meaning that there is some element of luck when you receive your character. Despite your character’s Natural Ability being unfixed, typically your percentage chance of obtaining a stronger Guardian character, for example, will be much higher than obtaining a higher natural ability Lieutenant character.

The minimum and maximum range from and to for Natural Ability rolls will be dependant on your character’s Army Rank classification, Uniqueness and rarity. You can review these numbers on the table appended to the bottom of this article.

Catches #1-3 are the only exception to the above rule as they will always maintain the highest possible Natural Ability for their character. For example, catches number #1-3 for Bitsee Naka will always be 20/20; whilst Dasha Locks catches #1-3 will always be 18/18.

#5 Elemental Types

There are currently seven Elemental Types discovered within the ChainGuardians world: Psychic, Light, Sound, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Maintaining an Elemental Type advantage will grant your character a percentage buff against types over which it is stronger. Whilst maintaining the same Elemental Type as your opponent will nullify their strengths. Typically, the more Elemental Types your character maintains, the stronger it will be in combat.

Only one character in the ChainGuardians’ world currently holds four elemental types: Bitsee Naka, the original ChainGuardian.

Typically other Guardian characters will maintain three Elemental Types; whilst Captain Devex Attazer will have two.

Lieutenant characters will maintain one Elemental Type initially, though they are able to obtain two with experience; whilst Officers will only ever have just one.


Currently, the following number of catches has been determined for each Guardian and supporting character. This will never be amended after the auction for each character has begun or once our pre sales has concluded. This figure is only subject to change ahead of the auction as a result of game balancing or for development purposes.

Please note, new characters will still be produced in line with game growth and development. ChainGuardians’ will also maintain a small number of each character (including in the below numbers) as a contingency to support development in the future.


Further information and rationale is available in our Whitepaper which can be found at

We hope to see you in our community!

The ChainGuardians Team


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