ChainGuardians Announce Website Release and Whitelisting Prior to NFT Presale

2 July 2019
by chainguardians


About ChainGuardians

ChainGuardians is a cryptocurrency meets anime collectible game soon to be launched on the Ethereum blockchain. At ChainGuardians, our vision is to create one of the world’s most enjoyable blockchain gaming experiences through combining traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technology.

Website Launch

The ChainGuardians team are excited to reveal the launch of our website:Â ChainGuardians Website.

Sporting a slick design, smooth interface and striking artwork, we believe the ChainGuardians website sets a precedent for attracting new users and gamers to our project. Bespoke features of the website include: original LORE and comic strip, our whitelisting process, as well as a first look at some of the ChainGuardians characters.

ChainGuardians Whitelisting

Users are able to subscribe to the ChainGuardians whitelisting process immediately on our website by inputting their details. You can also go straight to the whitelisting page through this link.

Through completing this process, users will automatically receive the following benefits:

  • Early access to several ChainGuardians communications including game features and developments
  • A unique referral ID which allows users to refer other users and partake in our referral competition to win one of several prizes (users will be sent their unique referral ID upon verification of their email address)
  • Exclusive access to future auctions which non-whitelisted users will not be able to access

Further information on ChainGuardians’ pre sales and developments will be released incrementally this week, including: several world’s first features, an announcement on our first ChainGuardians presale, as well as an exciting collaboration with a world renowned brand.

The ChainGuardians Team