ChainGuardians Announce First Stage of NFT Presales

4 July 2019
by chainguardians


Following our announcement informing the community of our collaboration with Colletrix and OpenSea; we are delighted to advise that the first stage of our presales will commence July 7th in tandem with our exclusive NFT and watch offering on OpenSea.

The first #ChainGuardians character available in our presale is none other than Captain Devex Attazer.

Introducing Captain Devex Attazer

Created and designed by our in-house artist, whose portfolio includes working for DC Comics, ‘The Captain’ sets a new standard for stylish and slick art design; whilst boasting unique attributes that will be deployed as part of the ChainGuardians blockchain game.

‘The Captain’ will be available in multiple tiers which are outlined below accompanied by the respective watch designs.

Number 1 Catch: Legendary Edition - Captain Devex Attazer

As per our previous announcement: the #1 catch of Captain Devex Attazer, representative of an extremely rare ERC-721 on the Ethereum blockchain, is only available as part of an individual auction packaged with an exclusive and limited edition NFT-watch package offering.

Purple_Captain_Thumb with Watch.png

CG_urban_v1_front and back copy.png

Catches 2-3: Legendary Edition - Captain Devex Attazer

Numbers 2 and 3 catches are reserved for in game rewards and are therefore unavailable at presale. Catch #2 of The Captain will be mined through competing in the ChainGuardians mini-mining competition: The Global Hash Wars - details of which will be made available as part of an announcement later this week. Catch #3 will be held by the ChainGuardians team and be offered for a prize once the ChainGuardians game goes live without a watch package.

Catches 4-8: Rare Edition - Captain Devex Attazer

Catch numbers 4-8 of the Rare Edition Captain are also available through individual auction. The top five bidders on will receive both a Rare Edition of Captain Devex Attazer, representative of an ERC-721, as well as a Rare Edition watch as seen below.

Blue_Captain_Thumb with Watch.png

PreSale Watch for Blue Captain.png

Catches 9-10: Rare Edition - Captain Devex Attazer

The final two catches of the top 10, numbers 9 and 10, similarly to catch number 2 and 3, will not be auctioned in presales. One of these catches, which are not part of the NFT-watch package offering, will be found by a lucky participants of our crate sale round of presales. The final catch will be offered as a prize for the top referrer as part of the ChainGuardians’ Referral competition. Details of the ChainGuardians crate sale will be revealed in due course.

Catches 11-450: Uncommon Edition - Captain Devex Attazer

Completing our exclusive Captain Devex Attazer offering are catch numbers 11-450. This final offering gives participants the option to purchase an Uncommon Edition of The Captain at a fixed price of 0.35ETH. Participants are also given the option to purchase a watch (as seen below) at a fixed price of 2ETH upon completion of purchasing the Uncommon Edition of The Captain Devex Attazer NFT.

Red_Captain_Thumb wtih Watch.png

Pre Sale Watch for Red Captain.png

Note that the Uncommon Edition NFT and watch offer will be released incrementally on OpenSea; not all catches from 11-450 will be released on the same day! Also, to incentivise earlier participants, the cost of the NFT will rise by 0.01ETH every so many purchases made!

25 of the remaining 50 Uncommon Edition Captain Devex Attazer will be available as part of the ChainGuardians crate presales; as well as a small number to be held by the team for community rewards and asset value retention. These 50 catches will not be available as part of a watch package deal.

To ensure participants are clear on the different options available, please see the below table which provides further clarity:


Please be aware, if you missed our announcement indicating our website and whitelisting are now live, please see here.

Details regarding our referral competition will also be shared today!

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Happy Sailing!

The ChainGuardians Team