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Bad Whale!

And so the challenge from the whale appeared from… What would appear… Nowhere.

Like Captain Devex Attazer’s spacecraft shooting across the Cryptoverse’s sky space.

The challenge hit Mixie like FIAT FUD. Right to the back of her head.

Whispers circled the Cryptoverse…

“You’re a fraud… A scam!”
“I’m done with you Mixie!”
“The whale gotchu!”

Would Mixie bow down to this beast? This Goliath of the Cryptoverse? This whale?

She contemplated. She considered. She calmed.


She would accept the challenge.

“Jump like a bunny, sting like a bee” She said to herself.

Challenge accepted.

The fight would commence in the famous Coliseum of the Cryptoverse. David vs. Goliath. Decentralisation Vs. Centralisation. Moon vs. FUD.

Bunny Vs. Whale!

The fight commenced.

And lasted… two rounds. The first belonged to the whale; a low blow to the back of Mixie’s head. A sucker punch.

The second round, right before Mixie exclaimed: “For Decentralisation! For governance! For the Cryptoverse!” was over in a flash.

Prepared for the whale’s sneakiness and low blows, she countered with the might of the masses. Her punch weighted with the force of her community.

Mixie stood over the whale, there was no need for a ten count, and whispered… “Bad whale!”.