Announcing ChainGuardians ‘Guardian Program’

13 April 2021
by chainguardians

The Cryptoverse is heating up with the launch of our Guardian Program! The program rewards early token holders for their trust, loyalty, and engagement during our early development. As such, this is one of many campaigns planned to illustrate our commitment to a healthy ecosystem by prioritizing our supporters!

To explore the details of all ranks and rewards click here.

What is the Guardian Program?

CGG holders will have the opportunity to rise through our ranks! Our entry rank is 500 CGG which unlocks multiple exclusive rewards and benefits. By advancing through the ranks, many substantial perks will continue to unlock! Fancy discounted merchandise?

How will the Guardian Program work?

Mandatory for each rank is a 6-month lock-up for CGG staking or contribution to our liquidity pool. The different ranks are determined by the total number of CGG staked or committed to the liquidity pool.Ā 

Example: 500 CGG staked or contributed to the liquidity pool earns the rank of Soldier. The following rewards become unlocked as a Soldier.Ā Ā 

  • - Discount code for merchandise only available to Guardian program participantsĀ 
  • - Early access to beta testing & newest game builds
  • - Free merchandiseĀ 
  • - In-game currency boosts

Each rank offers increasing rewards and benefits! Additional perks include access to an exclusive event, NFT mining boosts, and NFT airdrops.

Why launch the Guardian Program?

ChainGuardians is designed for Blockchain Enthusiasts to interact with their investments and gamers to own their in-game accomplishments. As we continue to make our vision a reality, the priority is demonstrating our commitment and gratitude to early supporters! To learn more about the specifics of the program click here.