ChainGuardians Launches Partnership with MCH+
Apr 10 2020
ChainGuardians Game Development Update: Quarter One 2020
Apr 1 2020
ChainGuardians Sale Promotional Period: Prizes to be Won
Mar 30 2020
ChainGuardians Discord Referral Competition
Mar 30 2020
Mudra NFT Now Available on MATIC Network for Limited Sales Event!
Nov 25 2019
ChainGuardians Partner with Cryptomorph to Release Elemental Buff for NFTs
Nov 14 2019
Introducing Mudra: Early Purchase Opportunity!
Oct 29 2019
ChainGuardians Partner with Silica NeXus to Bring NFT Assets to Physical Locations
Oct 19 2019
ChainGuardians Game Update and Patron Opportunity
Oct 13 2019
The #ChainGuardians Team are delighted to share the full trailer video for our game world:
Jul 19 2019
The ChainGuardians Team are delighted to announce that we have agreed a partnership with Chainbreakers
Jul 17 2019
If you are yet to see our presales announcement; please read this link before reading any further to avoid confusion.
Jul 6 2019
Further to the announcement of our presales launch on July
Jul 5 2019
Competition participants have the chance to win one of ten Limited Edition
Jul 5 2019
The first #ChainGuardians character available in our presale is none other than Captain Devex Attazer.
Jul 4 2019
This is the first article in a new series called “What is …”. It is designed to discuss upcoming Blockchain
Jun 9 2019